Changelog OpMon 8.4

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Release date: 08/01/2018

Improvements / New Features

Dashboards Permissions

  • dashboards can have write and read access set by contact group
  • only users in these contact groups can see and / or change the dashboards they were assigned to

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Color picker

All the state colors can be customized. This configuration can be accessed via Tools, Configurations, Advanced, Status Priority

Status colors on Dashboard

Better processing of color alpha for dashboard widgets  for a better status color view

Dashboard Macro Parameters

There is a new user MACRO that is exported to custom hanlders, so dynamic dashboards based on users can be created

Zenvia API update

Zenvia SMS API has been updated

The dashboard gallery is now paginated for a better user experience

Event Log Advanced Filters

Advanced event log filters were extended to support class Info, alert type and notification reasons. The user can more precisely filter through the event logs for specific monitoring events.

State Summary On/Off on click

States in the state summary on top of the statusgrids can be easily turned on and off by clicking on them

Advanced Status Grids Filters

The advanced status grids filters where redesigned and frontend library updated to a better browser compatibility

Session Audit

Users logins and logouts ans sessions expirations are logged on the audit module

Availability Custom Handler

Its easier to view availability data on the dashboards using the new customs handlers. When assigning a monitor to a dashboard widget, just choose external data availability


17048 – Dashboard gallery – delete dashboards via shortcut were not removed from the gallery
17040 – OpCFG main config – main config cache was creating a update problem
17026 – Eventlog – service group filter fixed
17027 – Statusgrid downtimes – service group filter fixed

Updated on 01/09/2021

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