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Changelog OpMon 6.5.3

Release date: Nov 10, 2016
Version Number: 6.5.3


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Improvements/New Features

Lincense screen Improvement

The license information is being displayed clearer and more objectively, containing from enabled/disabled modules to number of licensed, used and available items;

Improved setup wizard

Just click on check command name to change setup command;

Column “entry time” has been added to History Tab

In the extended info (hosts and/or services), it is possible to check the entry time of actions (Scheduled downtimes, SLA Breach Reasons, Acks and Comments);

Setup wizard has been modified

The column name “IP Adddess” has been changed to “Address” when used language is set to Portuguese.

Documentation about root partition resize

Created documentation about root partition resize when used OpMon on Amazon. Click here to know more.

Bug Fixes

#8649: Fixed issue when executing commands in the extended information area that always was sending the same check status (enabled / disabled) because the ID was not changed;

#8836: Fixed issue in notification filters, comments and scheduled downtimes. They used to display, as a suggestion, the initial time equal to the final time, where , by default, should suggest the next 24 hours;

#8930: Fixed issue on the commands tab in the extended info area. The checkbox was not returning to last state after execution;

#9107: Fixed issue of illegal access memory for cases where the op-snmp-uptime plugin could not resolve the host name. Added SNMP session opening failure check when host name can not be resolved or is inaccessible;

#8998: Fixed issue of data codification in Qualitor integration form;

#9228: Fixed issue on Dashboards that caused the line chart to lose the style properties;

#9026: Fixed issue on the Availability report that was not sending it’s name if the web page was not refreshed;

#9184: Fixed issue on Schedule Downtimes which were not being added to hosts and services;

#9198: Fixed issue on templates. Users were unable to apply a template to hosts which were added in Discovery;

#9159: Fixed issue, when using SOAP, which was not handling the errors properly;

#9273: Fixed issue when host action is removed through extended info area;

#9292: Capacity/performance reports are being displayed on alphabetical order;

#9289: Fixed plugin path notify-by-zenvia;

#9294: Fixed issue that allowed users to force host and service check when active check was disabled;

#9301: Fixed issue in Dashboard Odometer component that did not display the warning and critical range correctly when it was 0 (zero);

#9296: Fixed issue when generating SLM reports. Issue was reported when users checked the “SLA Breach reason as OK” to generate catalogs that had other catologs in them;

#9316: Fixed the issue regarding email notification of type text that was not functional;

#9320: Fixed the SLM report that, when exported to XLS, was not adding the correct timecut;

#9293: Fixed issue that was preventing “operator” users from seeing customized reports;

#9002: Fixed issue on the Dashboard Ontime which was not associating its metrics automatically;

#9329: Fixed issue in the Dashboard Odometer component that did not perform the correct unit of measurement to network conversion, as well as added a parameter to remove scale fluctuation in network graphs;

#9354: Fixed issue that caused Realtime chart metrics to lose the association to the metric color and its caption;

#9431: Fixed issue that was sending a swf file via e-mail when generating customized Availability reports;

#9432: Corrected the behavior of the icons to export reports in pdf, xls and xml format when generated a Custom Availability report;

#9433: Fixed the behavior that happened when adding action between 9:46 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. which rounded them up to 24:00:00;

#9453: Fixed issue that did not display the data in the Capacity / Performance graph when generated the first time;

#9443: Fixed issue that caused the expiration date information of an action not to be displayed when added through the extended information area of the element;

#9338: Fixed issue that did not save the change logs made from the wizard configuration in the table history of opcfg;

#9459: Fixed issue that was not applying the correct change to check period on one or more elements when changing it in setup Wizard;

#9463: Fixed request error that happened in Dashboards;



    • O If you are upgrading from an earlier version to 6.3.0, please note the errata contained in it.
Updated on 01/09/2021

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