About OpTraps

OpTraps is a module where you can manage and administer snmtraps received by OpMon.

Many network devices such as switches, routers, servers, UPSs, printers, management hardware (Dell DRAC, HP iLO) and operating systems such as Unix and Windows have the ability to send notifications to an SNMP manager running on a workstation. network management, in this case OpMon. Notifications can be SNMP traps or messages.

Click on “Additional Modules” and then on “OpTraps” to access it, according to example shown below:


Notification can contain a wide variety of information such as: port faults, access violations, power failure, paper jams, hard disk, etc. The Management Information Base (MIB), available from the vendor, determines which notifications are supported by each device.

The MIB file contains the TRAP-TYPE definitions, which define the variables that are passed to the management station when a particular event occurs.

OpTraps receives these notifications, performs the reading and interpretation of them, providing the interface with the events brought in, and the priority / severity can be defined for each type of event received.

OpMon can integrate the management of these events, creating e-mail notifications, messengers or even SMS for events considered more critical.

Updated on December 19, 2017

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