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OpMon Changelog 8.2.3

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Release date: 01/31/2018

Improvements / New Features

New icons for filters
Better cache for realtime data


#15936 opcfg command – should not convert to sepcial HTML chars when showing command on the interface
#15935 Ack expiration date must be greater then now. User can not expire a ACK in the past
#15919 Statusgrid networkoutages – paginaço incorreta
#15911 Adding host via wizard does not log which user did the action
#15884 Filter tag custom translation error
#15874 extinfo remove downtime – generates a error on opmon.log when removing a downtime
#15873 statusgrid remove downtime – generates a invalid external command, althought the downtime is removed
#15870 Link para o KB undefined quando o idioma é português ITIL
#15864 Dashboard – concurrency between queries on the same dashboard for differenct objects overwriting return
#15846 Avail PDF – jpgraph throws an error when trying to generate a PDF from a empty catalog
#15810 Notification filters – filter by contact does no work
#15749 Audit – logging contact_id 0 when using configuration wizard


Updated on 01/09/2021

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