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Environment settings



Describe the procedures to perform the environment settings.

Target audience

It in intended for the administrators of the OpMon and IT teams thar after performing the installation of the OpMonneed perform the environment settings.


After the installation of the OpMon we will start the environment settings in the local network, follow the next steps.

a) Please login with the root user

user: root

password: opservices

Configuração de Ambiente

b) In the screen below will be necessary to configure the network, select the option “Edit Deviceb” and press “Enter“. remember that the browsing must be done with the key “TAB“.

Configuração de Ambiente

This network configuration screen will only appear in the in the first login of the system . If any errors occurs or is required to perform the network configurations, simply login in the terminal of the OpMon and type on the terminal of the OpMon and type on the terminal that will open command system-config-network. If the command does not exist, you can install it using the command yum install system-config-network-tui -y.

c) Will be displyed the available interfaces list on the server, select the interface relating to your internal network and press “Enter“.

Configuração de Ambiente

d) If there is DHCP in the internal network, simply leave the configuration untouched . In our case we will perform  the configuration manually, for that, use the keyboard’s arrow keys to get to the option DHCP, positioning the pointer of the mouse on “Use DHCP” use the key “Space” to uncheck the option and enable the other fields.

Configuração de Ambiente

e) Subsequent screen, just then fill the fields Static IP, Netmask, Default IP, Gatewey with the data provided by your network administrator (see example below), after finalize option in “OK”.

Configuração de Ambiente

All set, what now?

After completing the installation process, the next step is to configure the Web Interface. In order  to do so , you can acess our content that shows how to set up by clicking here.

Updated on July 20, 2018

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