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Changelog OpMon 8.5.3

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Release date: 10/11/2018


17518 Spreadsheet advanced formula processing is not working correctly
17497 opmon database dumper and recovery: option to recover a specific database is not working
17496 Model SNMP linux is not setting the correct ifIndex on the parameters
17495 Tactical overview – downtime is not working on some cases
17494 Model Barracuda makeing wrong update on model parameters
17491 IT type must be a host type scat type on the inicial configuration
17474 OpMon IT service is not listed on OpCFG as a Catalog
17473 Grafana mysql grants no working for with password
17527 Eventlog – filters are not working properly
17523 opmon init script it stopping opmon in the wrong method
17526 Force check command must always use now as time

Updated on March 8, 2019

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