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Changelog OpMon 8.2.1

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Release date: 12/22/2017

Improvements / New Features

Network interface monitoring can alarm on Admin Down

The inteface monitoring agent has a new option to alarm when interface is administrative down


#15622: OpMon reload creates defunct process from time to time

#15609: shortcut must be unique in its context, meaning, I can have the shotcut name for dashboards and services statusgrid

#15608: Saved filter when used on Dashboard is not showing the right display_status

#15607: network outage is nos clickable

#15605: CP tabular PDF – when value us 0(zero), PDF show a -(dash) instead of zero and column USE is always 0

#15604: adcional links do now show on tooltip

#15574: Automatic redirect from HTTP to HTTPS can not use port 80

#15571: actions must only work for the current view page

#15568: JMX model had a invalid path

#15566: network interface agent do not alarm errors and discards

#15565: network topology wont load for large configurations

#15553: default external command doesn’t work

#15551: netwrok configuration backup doesn’t work

#15550: eventguard doesn’t save rules

Updated on 01/09/2021

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