Changelog OpMon 7.2

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Release date: 6/26/2017

Improvements / New Features

In this version were made improvements on discovery area, among them were added information about operating system that was discovered, as well as the display of the icon related to the operating system. The field of information about elementos has been optimized to identify when that OpMon didn’t identify any element and insert information on the procedure to be followed to solve the problem.

OpMon Traffic Analyzer Model

Adicionado o modelo de monitoração OpMon Traffic Analyzer, neste modelo estão incluídos os serviços de monitoração que demonstram a quantidade de probes ativas e inativas, a quantidade de tráfego coletado de um determinado IP, verificação da existência de tráfego em uma porta específica, dentre outros. Para saber mais sobre como utilizar este modelo de monitoração, clique aqui.

Inclusão de Parada Agendada

Realizada melhoria na área de agendamento de parada agendada, agora ao selecionar uma parada agendada do tipo fixa, a informação quanto a duração não é mais exibida, uma vez que a duração só se aplica para os casos onde a parada é do tipo flexível. Para saber mais sobre os tipos de parada agendada clique aqui.

Log Zenvia

From this version you can also view the notifications log that use Zenvia as gateway of notifications.

Passwords and Command Parameters

From this version, the password entered on authentication logs area, and the commands parameters, by default are view disabled, being able to view only when the user selects the option to view one of these items.

Improved OpMon’s Configuration Wizard

For the new OpMon’ s installations, from this release, the initial OpMon’s configuration process  has been optimized so that the user only needs to define their information for access, and insert your activation key to validation. To learn more about OpMon’s new installation and initial configuration process click here, to know more about OpMon’s activation key click here.

New icons on hosts and services’s area

In this version were included new icons, regarding actions that can be performed directly in the list of hosts and services.

Element checking command via Host and/or service listing

From this version, when performing the inclusion or edition of a given element through statusgrid, on section of extendeds info’s area commands is be abble visualize the whole command whit the macros already translate. Useful for cases when you want to do tests throug console before efectively link the command to the element.


#11792: Fixed the issue that caused the plugin’s extended output area to lose formatting when there were HTML writing errors at the plugin output;que fazia com que não fosse possível exportar serviços ligados a um template;

#12048: Adjusted the export area, so that it is not possible to run Apply while full Export is running, as well as Export full while Apply is running;

#12050: Fixed the issue that made impossible to export services linked to a template;

#11907: Fixed the link in Traffic Analyzer probe area that was redirecting to a nonexistent address;

#12023: Fixed the issue that used to make Traffic Analyser filters inconsistent;

#11909: Fixed the Backup template that did not run commands with space;

#12069: Solved the issue that caused timeout when editing more than 200 items in the element list;

#11913: Fixed the issue that made it impossible to enable probes in Traffic Analyzer;

#12068: Fixed the issue that made it impossible to enable Eventguard;

#12067: Fixed the issue that made check_mailq plugin to stop working;

#12058: Fixed the issue that caused the Discovery area scroll bar to generate inappropriate behavior when many elements were being displayed;

#12153: Fixed the issue that it was not possible to remove special characters from extreme switches, causing an error when performing backup;

#12407: Fixed the issue that it was not possible to delete an OpMon template even when it was not being used;

#12377: Fixed the issue that caused the scheduled reports that had managers who had already been deleted from OpMon, this report did not appear in the interface of scheduled reports;

#12366: Fixed issue in switch backup that was not finished correctly, generating an invalid backup file;

#12397: Fixed the issue that caused the Dashboard to not open properly when the port was different from 80 or 443;

#12554: Fixed the issue that caused the NSClient Model to not add the port specified in the model;

#12494: Fixed the issue that caused an error when removing scheduled downtimes, through the service listing, when selected all services through the host check box;

Latest Updates

Release: 7.2.1

Release Date: 06/29/2017

#12560:: Fixed the problem of template escalations when exporting;

#12663: Fixed the issue that caused auto discovery not to meet the discovery enabled setting;

#12615: Java update for version 1.8;

#12660: Fixed the problem that made the OpMon Traffic Analyzer model not included in the OpMon update.

Release: 7.2.2

Release Date: 18/07/2017

#12969: Fixed the issue that did not enable the option to uncheck critical service notifications through the advanced settings area of the service;

#12945: Fixed the issue that caused the shortcuts and the search filter to disappear when pressing F5 key in the Service Management area using Firefox web browser;

#12981: Fixed the problem that occurs when using the Internet Explorer browser, when hiding the Favorites tab and pressing the F5 key the session was automatically closed;

#12944: Fixed the issue that made it not possible to select any option when opening external command area in Internet Explorer;

#12974: Fixed the issue that caused the monitoring templates to not be displayed when using the Internet Explorer browser;

#12979: Performed adjustment in the XenGuest model that in some cases returned error;

#12951: Fixed the issue that caused the filter area to stop working after generating a Performance / Capacity report;

#12948: Fixed the issue in the custom reports that did not export the metrics when exporting reports as XML;

#12946: Fixed the issue that could not remove scheduled downtimes from a service or host through extended information area of the service;

#12877: Fixed the issue in the area of Discovery of the elements that caused the process name to be deleted;

#12859: Fixed the issue that caused an error when creating dependency on service and service template;

Release: 7.2.3

Release Date: 07/02/2017

#13208: Fixed issue that caused the Management> Log area information to not be displayed;

#13194: Fixed error when applying template that have escalations;

#13189: Fixed the problem that caused the Tabular type Capacity / Performance report when generated in pdf format to be blank;

#13088: Fixed the problem that caused when using Internet Explorer in version 11 and typing F5 to generate unexpected behavior in the Favorites area;

#13082: Fixed the problem that could not remove scheduled stops from a host or service through the Management> Scheduled Stops area.

Release: 7.2.9

Release Date: 01/11/2017

#14741: Fixed issue dependency from notification plugin that caused notifications not to be sent;

#14164: Fixed issue of incompatibility with browser Internet Explorer 11  that made it impossible to complete the initial discovery process;

#14152: Fixed SNMP Windows and SNMP Linux models that until the previous version did not support multiple architectures;

#14152: Fixed Load service of the SNMP Windows and SNMP Linux models;

#14281: Fixed SLA justification addition functionality since it was not reflecting in the SLM and Availability reports.


  • Caso esteja sendo feito update de uma versão anterior a 6.3.0, favor atentar para as erratas contidas na mesma.
Updated on 01/09/2021

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