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Registering SNMP Community on OpMon

On this topic, we will learn how to register SNMP community on OpMon. Place your mouse cursor over “Network” to access authentication area then click on “Discovery”. See example below.

On this screen click on “Autentications”

Check that it’s possible to see, edit and remove all authentications and registered communities, as well as, adding a new credential or community by clicking on “Add new authentication”.

Insert a type of authentication, name and community on this area.


The community must already have been enabled on target host so that OpMon can obteing the informations of that host. Click here to host Windows or here to host Linux.

Click on “Save” in order to save all definitions.

Done! The SNMP Community has been registered succesfully!

Alerta de autenticações

Note that if you haven’t authentications registered yet will be displayed an alert informing that you haven’t authentications registered yet!

Updated on November 24, 2017

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