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Changelog OpMon 8.5.9

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Release date: 02/07/2018

Improvements / New Features

SOAP  – new webservices

  • ack removal
  • create schedule downtimes using object names instead of IDs


17812 opcfg API – export_element must protect element type on function
17806 Service stastsugrid – custom filters is lost when a report is generated or somewhere else in OpMon in clicked
17803 LMD does not need to load comments and downtimes
17805 Downtime filters are not working
17851 mod_gearman_worker-go – Worker looses connection to gearmand
17840 OpCFG – illegal_object_name_chars should not be used as host or service name
17810 Statusgrid clips off host_name and sometimes the list service and do not show scrollbar
17804 Naemon does not need to retain host and service comments
17837 naemon – fix orphaned checks logic
17832 naemon – fix query handler not returning command response
17835 naemon – reset is_executing flag when processing active host check result
17833 naemon – fix memory leak when overriding checks
17834 naemon – set flag if check is scheduled from the orphan event handler
17831 naemon – fix newline handling in spoolfile results
17830 naemon – Fix heap corruption when callback dereigsters itself
17848 Dashboard from saved filter showing wrong state
17841 mod_gearman – fix opuser creation
17842 mod_gearman_worker must restart on update
17814 opdb – opdb is not updating acks and downtimes on the database
17861 Extinfo is not showing downtimes
17824 Audit – not logging host_name sometimes
17863 OpTraps must require package net-snmp-perl
17876 CP realtime graph – error showing duplicate metrics on realtime graph
17875 Syncfiles must exclude syncing flle opsql.errors
17813 Dashboard – external URL does not open on NOC desktops
17823 Eventlog filters and page count stop working after the first filter is applied
17817 Dash gallery – do not show Neoson if user already has dashboards
17815 Schedule downtime – interface must show initial tdate time now and end time 2h after

Updated on 01/09/2021

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