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Changelog OpMon 8.5.5

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Release date: 12/17/2018

Improvements / New Features

Automatic prediction for future capacity exhaustion

  • New tactical overview widget that shows predicted problems for the next 30 days
      • Daily generate prediction
      • Exhaustion that can happen in the next 7 days are shown in RED
      • Exhaustion that can happen from 8 days till 30 days are shown in YELLOW
    • Email alert is automatically sent to all responsable for the monitoring object
    • OpMon alert badge turns on alerting the users for possible future problems
    • More info on Predictive Analysis

Incidents by state

  • Shows total elements per state on the tooltip

IT Services

  • Click on the elements that is impacting the service for more details


Tabular capacity report

  • Shows max value set on the agent and the max and minimal value collected on thREDe time period selected


TOP 10 incidents

  • Do not show UNREACHABLE hosts
  • Do not show services that belong to hosts DOWN
  • Do not show services that belong to hosts in DOWNTIME
  • Do not show services that belong to hosts with ACKNOWLEDGMENT


Grafana update to 5.4.2




17674 Dashboard and user_session must use innodb as database engine
17665 Flash load is directing to get flash on SLA and on Eventguard
17658 Extinfo refresh changes long plugin output component size
17653 opmon init script must recreate obejcts cache on restart
17649 mod_gearman increments host checks by 2 when changing state
17629 get_opmon_license_properties returns wrong number of dashboards and maybe objects
17628 Scat is not saving updates to parallel or serial itens
17605 opdb can not log log OK HARD for every OK state change, OK SOFT is needed
17604 opdb must use last_check to log hosts and services states changes
17594 License details is not showing some IPs and MACs
17591 SOAP Webservices do not return an error when trying to add a host beyond the license limit
17589 extinfo – long plugin output is causing sintax error
17558 Dashboard timestamp check_http time format – problem formatting some plugin returns
17556 Commands parameters for SNMP are being changed on update, corrupting the checks for elements added via model snmp linux and windows
17678 naemon is not handling display_status correctly for hosts

Updated on 01/09/2021

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