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Changelog OpMon 10.3.0

Knowledge Base

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Release date: 10/01/2021

New Features

  • New Automatic SNMP Discovery:
    • Priax, Active Directory and SNMP for services integrations
    • Configuration: disks, CPU, process, memory and interfaces
    • Disallowed list configuration
    • Custom filters
    • Option to automatically add discovered elements to monitoring
    • New discovered elements list
    • Badge notification when discover new elements
  • SNMP communities separately registration

Bug fixes

  • #20026: Missing Oracle Linux 8 repository on opmon install
  • #20039: Error in script to send configurations to probes
  • #20041: Argument type sent to Gearmanjob::sendComplete error
  • #20042: Error when restarting mod_gearmand_worker
  • #20044: Kafka monitoring error – Task FAILED is not alarming
  • #20104: check_ic_status plugin error
  • #20132: Availability report error, OK state is showing  SCHEDULED
  • #20144: check_ic_status imprimindo debug e apresentando erros
  • #20150: Realtime graph is not loading
  • #20152: Opmon monitor running plugin fails when test if  grafana-server is running
  • #20154: Error when export availability report to CSV
  • #20199: Schedule downtime error when trying to add flexible period
  • #20200: OpTraffic not processing protocols without port, like ICMP
  • #20201: performance improvement on Summary Alert
  • #20233: ajustes no gearmand-utils para evitar vazamento de memória
  • #20254: falta do traceroute utils durante a instalação
  • #20255: Erro ao utilizar modelos
  • #20256:  php-fpm and httpd must be restated each night to avoid memory leak
  • #20257: Fix deprecated function in PHP
  • #20258: NRPE default configuration error
Updated on 01/10/2021

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